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Welcome to Ingenuity Coffee 

  • 2014
  • Visited green coffee exporter in Brazil.

  • 2015
  • October to November, Launched a coffee brand and later renamed Ingenuity Coffee.

  • 2016
  • May, set up business on roasted coffee and green coffee.

  • June, in China (Guangzhou) International Food Exhibition.

    Participated the large-scale exhibition for the first time advertised Ingenuity Coffee to the public.

  • December, in Hotelex Guangzhou.

    Displayed original products and invited a foreign barista for demonstration.

  • 2017
  • October, in Brazil Cup of Excellence.

    Became one of the international jury.

  • December, visual identity(VI) came into existence, together with iconic mural.

  • December, in Hotelex Guangzhou.

  • 2018
  • March, the first container of Brazil green coffee beans arrived at the port.

  • March, in Hotelex Shanghai.

    Participated in the Shanghai stop of Hotelex at the first time, later began the cross-country tour of cupping events.

  • June to July, held the First Ingenuity Coffee Roasting Competition.

    Also known as the Passion Fruit Coffee Roasting Championship attracted 120 roasters supporting and participating.

  • December, in Cafeex, Coffee & Tea Shanghai.

  • December, in Hotelex Guangzhou.

    Well-selected Ethiopian Coffee made its debut in the hotel supplies exhibition.

  • 2019
  • April, in Hotelex Shanghai.

  • May, became the green coffee sponsor of China Division of the 2020 WCRC. And Brazil Coffee Mojito was the designated competition coffee.

  • June to July, held the Second Ingenuity Coffee Roasting Competition.

    It attracted over hundreds of roasters participating.Top ten of coffee would be displayed on the cross-country tour of cupping events.

  • November to December, traveled to 4 coffee producing countries, starting a journey for coffee beans.

    Traveled to Columbia, Brazil, Kenya and Ethiopia in person. Visited the coffee farms, and exporters, we have had a better understanding of the origins, processing methods, and flavor.  The documentary on this journey released in 2020.

  • December, in Hotelex Guangzhou.

    Displayed more than forty lots of coffee including samples from Brazil, Columbia, and Kenya. The booth was extremely popular. Coffee Lavender and Coffee Jack Rose from Columbia enjoyed a high popularity from the audiences. Additionally, Kenya Coffee was becoming visible and Ethiopia Coffee’s Grade 2 was rediscovered.

  • 2020
  • January 14 th, Ingenuity Coffee started its first FM.

    Cooperated with Christian, an international jury from Encore Coffee,  started a live radio program. It  launched as a live radio program of knowledge sharing.

  • February to March, Stay Strong Wuhan.

    Under the outbreak of COVID-19, our clients and we donated 37,000 yuan to the Hubei Charity Federation to help the affected areas and Hubei people.

  • May to June, held Santoker Q5 Roasting Competition.

    Ingenuity Coffee held the first  Santoker Q5 Roaster coffee roasting competition for the roasting lovers.

  • June to August, held the Third Ingenuity Coffee Roasting Competition.

  • June, the documentary, A Journey for Coffee Beans in Brazil, Kenya and Ethiopia was launched.

    A series of documentaries based on the tour to various coffee origins in 2019 have been released to show the culture and coffee knowledge of the origins to the coffee practitioners, and also to express the thoughts and passion of Ingenuity Coffee on the coffee industry.

  • December, in Hotelex Guangzhou

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